What's the difference between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries?

lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries
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Lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are the two main batteries produced by SPP. But what is the difference between these two batteries and which one is better? Can they be used to replace lead-acid batteries?

In the past, electric vehicles were mainly relying on lead-acid batteries to drive. However, ever since the advent of lithium batteries, the prominent status of lead-acid batteries has become shaky. This does not mean that lead-acid batteries will definitely be eliminated. It still has some advantages that lithium batteries cannot possess. So let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries and lead acid batteries

Advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries

  1. ● Cycle life, lithium ion battery 1200 ~ 2000 times, lead acid battery 500 ~ 900 times.

  2. ● Specific energy, lithium ion battery 150W·h/kg, lead acid battery 40W·h/kg.

  3. ● Volume, the volume of lithium ion battery is 2/3 of the volume of lead acid battery.

  4. ● Weight, light weight only lead acid battery 1/3 ~ 1/4.

  5. ● Price, lithium battery higher 24V/10Ah price: 750 ~ 1200 yuan, lead acid battery lower 24V/12Ah price: 200 ~ 300 yuan.

  6. ● Charging and maintenance, lithium battery maintenance cost is high complex, lead acid battery maintenance cost is low simple to provide open circuit.

  7. ● Charge and discharge energy conversion efficiency: lithium battery charge and discharge energy conversion efficiency can be more than 97%, lead acid battery charge and discharge energy conversion efficiency is about 80%.

  8. ● Production process: lithium battery production process is relatively environmentally friendly, and lead-acid battery production will have a lot of lead, improper handling will produce pollution.

  9. ● Discharge process: The lithium battery discharge gently, single battery voltage is high, and lead acid battery can be large current discharge, can not continue.

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