About us

Why SPP?

Firstly, SPP is the lithium battery manufacturer, established in 2013, 10 years experience, the professional R&D team, automated battery production lines, ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems, and SGS-approved laboratory, so, each product is 100% qualified to leave the factory.

Secondly, strong and flexible customization capabilities. Customers have different needs for lithium batteries and energy solutions. In most cases, ready-made products cannot be found easily. Then, SPP is here, we provide customer-made services: from cell production to battery pack, from BMS design to inverter control systems integrated. One-stop solution providing for your multiple applications of outdoor portable power station, golf cart, electric bicycle, solar energy storage system, etc.

SPP lithium battery series products export to Japan, the United States, Australia, India, Croatia, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries.

Your lithium battery BMS expert

SPP is your BMS expert. We provide customer-made BMS solutions according to the requirements. It including the entire process of BMS design, verification, and production. And also provide rapid prototype implementation of BMS in the R&D stage, improve development efficiency and shorten products lead time. 

Customization - lithium battery manufacturer & solar energy storage solution provider

According to customer's needs, SPP provide pouch cell battery customization, 18650 or 21700 battery pack customer-made, square aluminum shell battery pack customized on request, etc. And depending on the specific battery project, confirm a best choice of LiCoO₂, NCM or LiFePO4 cells.

No MOQ, small order is accepted, so, tell us your demands now!


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