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BMS Design & Production

BMS Customization

SP Power specializes in BMS (Battery Management System) customization, ODM/OEM of kinds of lithium batteries. We design and manufacture customized BMS, cells or batteries according to the specific requirements from customers, for professional applications of solar power systems, e-scooters, golf carts, forklifts, UAVs, etc.

MCU+ AFE + FET+ Fuel Gauge

BMS (Battery Management Systems) is mainly designed for intelligent batteries, which adopts industrial grade ARM-32 bit processor and matches high-precision AFE front-end acquisition chip. SPP BMS provides cells balance, security protection, data collection & analysis, and intelligent management for smart batteries with all kinds of configurations and specifications.

Charge management

Overcharge protection
Balancing charging

Discharge management

Over-discharge protection
Over-current protection

Battery thermal management

High temperature protection
Low temperature protection

Other management

Short circuit protection
Smart storage
High precision SOC indicate
Battery health management
Communication protocol management
Data logging