Advantages of Customized Battery

Everything You Need to Know About Customized Battery LIPO Batteries
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Why should you own a Customized Battery?  

1. Customized lithium battery can follow their own needs and choose different movements. The different cells, battery performance, service life, safety, and other characteristics are very different.  

2. Customized lithium battery equipment can withstand the voltage range. It can be arbitrarily arranged according to its own needs. It can also flexibly use the voltage of a customized lithium battery. This is to ensure that customized lithium battery equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value.  

3. Customized lithium batteries can change the performance, volume, function, and other characteristics. This helps them meet the different needs of customers for batteries.  

Advantages and disadvantages of customized lithium battery  


(1) Large capacity, high working voltage;  

(2) Lithium battery customization has the following characteristics:

  • Anti-short circuit,
  • Anti-overcharge,
  • Over-release,
  • Anti-impact,
  • Anti-vibration,
  • No fire and no explosion;  

(3) No battery leakage problem, the battery internal does not contain a liquid electrolyte, the use of colloidal solid;  

(4) High safety, customized lithium battery manufacturers will increase the protective measures of a lithium battery according to the environment or other requirements of the lithium equipment used by customers.  


(1) high cost;  

(2) Need to protect line control, overcharge protection, and over-discharge protection;  

(3) Can not be high current discharge, internal resistance is relatively large, generally below 0.5C discharge, has the risk of over-discharge short circuit.  

The customized lithium battery has better performance, higher capacity, longer service time, and more reasonable price, so it is recognized and loved by many consumers.  The battery in circulation on the market is a unified standard product made according to the material characteristics of the manufacturer. All the batteries have fixed parameters, and the parameters may not match the equipment they use, so there are many inconvenient factors such as no selectivity.  Therefore, lithium batteries can do everything possible to meet all the needs of users within the range of needs, and truly achieve a more cost-effective product for their own needs.  

Lithium battery custom manufacturers advantage more and more prominent, the most main or on flexibility and efficiency, lithium battery custom manufacturers to customize in lithium batteries in the dominant, the first thing to flexible, battery don’t confine to the mechanical design engineer must be flexible a lithium electricity product, according to the requirements of another custom manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries battery engineer to do the customer need more battery products,  But efficiency must be high, otherwise a careless will lose a good battery customer, so efficiency and flexibility are very important.  

SPP has been focusing on battery manufacturing technology for almost 10 years, which is safe and stable, has no explosion danger, has strong battery life, high charging conversion rate, no hot, long service life, is durable, with production qualifications, the products have passed many national and world certifications.  It’s a worthy choice of battery brand.  

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