Powerwall: Keep Your Power On With SPP Powerwall And Solar Panel

SPP BYD cell blade Powerwall battery
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A Powerwall is a hybrid solar battery system that is made with BYD blade technology. The whole powerwall system enables you to keep your electrical appliances and lights on even when others are experiencing a blackout. Normally, solar energy systems are tied to the grid and managed by the National Electrical Code. This means that they are switched off whenever there is a power outage in order to protect workers at the utility line. 


With a BYD blade battery powerwall, you will be able to keep essential appliances (lights, refrigerator, phones, computers, etc) fully powered whenever there is an earthquake, storm, or other factors causing a blackout. The solar panels charge the BYD blade battery during the day. This allows your home to remain powered for several days thus guaranteeing you a normal lifestyle. 

A closer look at the blade battery technology for powerwall

BYD blade technology is the newest in the industry that offers among many things, battery safety. The BYd blade battery comes with lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) chemical composition as opposed to the normal mix of nickel manganese cobalt (NMC). The BYD blade battery does not have multiple modules, instead, all the cells are stacked together. This saves space by more than 50% compared to the other battery blocks.


The BYD blade battery also uses a battery thermal management system (BMS). The blade battery thermal management system ensures the temperature of the blade battery remains at the optimum level despite the nature of the weather condition. The BYD blade battery also comes with a very high energy efficiency thus adding to the overall performance of the entire solar energy system. 


The fire and smoke test after nail penetration

BYD Blade cell Powerwall Energy Storage Systems

The BYD blade battery is engineered for maximum safety. To confirm this, the battery is subjected to nail penetration, 260% overcharging, 572º Fahrenheit heating, and structural rigidity tests. With all these tests, the blade battery does not emit any smoke or emit fire during the nail penetration test. The temperature of its surface remained at 30 to 60 degrees. 

In comparison, the normal NMC battery explodes when the nail penetration test is done. The LFP battery also exhibits the same characteristics when subjected to these testing procedures. The BYD blade battery exhibits very strong safety features that are core to the efficiency and lifespan of a solar system. The blade battery was put in a 300º C furnace and the battery came out unscathed. When the overcharging test was done up to 206%, there was no fire or explosion that was reported. The BYD blade battery powerwall performs so well in extreme temperatures and conditions. 

It can hardly exhibit any signs of leakage despite getting exposed to pressure-causing activities. You do not have to worry about leakage, smoke, or deformation at any given point even when it falls from a high point. These tests are evident enough that the new technology BYD blade battery powerwall offers exemplary new safety features. It also comes out to outperform the traditional Lithium Iron Phosphate and lithium batteries technologies.

The single-cell design of the blade battery powerwall boasts a compact design measuring just 9cm wide, 135cm high, and 96cm long. The single cells are placed in a line and inserted into a battery pack. Inside the battery pack, they are arranged in a blade-type kind of arrangement. The cubic volume of the entire blade battery powerwall has been reduced up to 50% thus making it much smaller in size with improved efficiency.

Advantages of a Powerwall 

A powerwall comes with many benefits compared to the usual solar batteries in the solar industry. One of the major advantages of a powerwall is the fact that it has stackable output. This si so because the powerwall is an AC battery. This means that the more batteries you add, the more amounts of power you get. So, if one powerwall has an output of 5KW, the two power walls will have an output of 10kW, three powerwall will have an output of 15kW, and so on.


The stackable output of the powerwall also means an increase in amperage of the circuits which can be backed up. While one powerwall has the ability to back up circuits of up to 30 amps, two Powerwalls will be able to backup circuits to 60 amps and three can back up o 90 amps and so on.


When compared to the DC batteries that do not have stackable output, the powerwall offer much great advantage. The installation of several DC batteries only increases the storage capacity of the whole system. This means that the system will only provide power for a long period of time during an outage. However, the overall output of the system will not increase. Multiple DC batteries only have the capability of backing up the same circuit amperage produced by a single DC battery. 


Another major benefit of the powerwall is its battery thermal management system. Powerwall comes with a heating liquid and cooling system that runs through the entire battery pack. This keeps the batteries operational at the ideal temperature. This battery thermal management system helps in improving the live performance of the powerwall and reduces degradation. It also makes the powerwall more resilient outdoor in areas with high heat without getting affected by the high temperatures. 




The inventions and innovations in the solar industry are continuously improving the generation of electric power from solar energy. Here at SPP, we are always on the frontline in ensuring you are not left out in enjoying the latest products in the market. Our In-house research and development team spends a lot of time ensuring you don’t miss anything. With our latest SPP powerwall, we are certain that you are going to enjoy the best of service benefits that come with it. 


Our powerwall is built with BYD blade technology to ensure that it is not only technologically competitive in the market but also guarantees you maximum safety when using them. Forget about the explosion! Forget about leakages! Our SPP Powerwalls are a game changer in the solar industry and we welcome you to have an experience. Contact us today for more on this. Our professional customer care team is ready to respond to any of your queries.



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