Bring down your energy bills with the best Powerwall

SPP BYD cell blade Powerwall battery
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Getting the best Powerwall solar systems is changing our expenditure on power bills. Imagine having a four-bedroom house with many different appliances that are solely dependent on electricity that is way too much or beyond your budget but you have no choice. After calculating the total costs of power to your entire home in the past years, you realize that you have been spending an average of 3,000USD every year. 


Like a year ago, you took a different step to install the new and best powerwall that utilizes BYD blade cells. The new powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that you have combined with a 5kWp solar system. After the powerwall solar system has been installed, you realize that the total cost of your electricity has gone down to a mere 150USD. 


Well, this is the experience that most people have encountered when they opted to use the best powerwall solar systems instead of relying on the national grid for electricity. 


How does the best powerwall work?


The SPP best powerwall is made up of smart batteries that are powered by the photovoltaic solar system. The powerwall is made of BYD blade cells for maximum efficiency and safety of the whole system. This eliminates any dangers that are associated with traditional solar batteries. The performance of the whole system is electrically monitored and automated for power regulation. 


The powerwall supplies the entire homestead with all the electricity needs. It ensures a constant supply of electrical energy without any disruption. During bad weather conditions, during the night, or during a power outage, the entire best powerwall system takes up the power duties from the national grid to power your home or workplace. 


Cost of power after Powerwall Installation

Once you connect to the best powerwall, your normal connection to the national grid will still be there as your primary electricity provider. The cost of power once you install the powerwall will depend on your power usage. Solar power through the powerwall will greatly reduce your power bills depending on how often you switch from the primary source. 


If there are frequent blackouts, you would expect much savings compared to if there are none. You can also choose to opt for continuous use of solar power from the powerwall depending on how much power energy has been backed up. Some of the factors that determine how much you will spend on power include: 

  • Local power rates
  • Time of the day
  • Your energy needs


All these factors will dictate how fast you will realize your Return On Investment if you choose to invest in the best powerwall for solar power. 


Solar panels will only work when there is the sun shining. The quality of the battery is therefore very key in ensuring they store the generated solar power. SPP has invested heavily in research and we have come up with the best lithium battery made of BYD cells that are blade type. This ensures that your one-time solar system installation with the best powerwall in the market lasts you for decades. 


You can also use the SPP powerwall to store the electric energy coming from the grid when prices are low during the off-peak hours. You can then use it later whenever you need it, like when there is not enough solar power. Also, you can combine many Powerwalls together to come up with larger power storage to act as backup. This is especially necessary when your estate or firm is quite big to require a lot of power. 


Net Metering     

Net Energy Metering is the program where the electricity supplier allows independent solar energy generators to sell to them the extra energy they generate. Tour solar energy from the best powerwall solar system is taken back to the grid and you get credit for that. You can use this credit to then offset your power bills in the future. 

With this kind of system, you will save a lot when it comes to power bills. You will only be required to pay based on your net power consumption. This means the amount you owe the power company minus what they owe you. This greatly brings down your energy bills. 

Benefits of using SPP powerwall

1. Constant power overnight

This is the most common benefit of using a Powerwall. It is able to produce all your electricity without the need for energy from your local energy distributor. Photovoltaic panels normally generate a lot of electricity. More than what a home actually needs during a sunny day. With the best Powerwall on the market, you are able to store the energy reserve to power the home at night other than letting the clean energy go to waste. 

2. Helps avoid a surge in electric prices

The energy distribution companies often raise the rates at different times of the year despite the cost of energy being on a constant rise. With the best Powerwall, you will be able to avoid these abnormal rates as well as the peak charges. Even when your Powerwall is not generating any electric power, you will go on as normal by using the electric energy produced and stored. This way, you get to avoid paying too much for power, especially the expensive periods.

3. Monitoring your energy usage with the best Powerwall

The best powerwall from SPP comes with an energy monitoring system complete for your home. You are able to follow how you are producing power from solar energy and how you consume it. 

4. Home protection

The most interesting benefit is that the best powerwall is able to protect your home in times of disaster. When your neighborhood is hit with storms, the powerwall keeps your home fully powered. 


There is no doubt that choosing the best powerwall in the market from SPP is going to be a game changer when it comes to bringing down the cost of power in your home. The Return on Investment (ROI) is so great for anyone to resist. You are going to notice a huge reduction in your power bills when you install a reliable solar system. Start yours today. Get in touch with us and we will help you implement your project. 


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