SPP Solar Powerwall: A Solar power Storage Solution for your Home

Lithium Energy Storage Systems Solar Powerwall
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Solar powerwall is a recent cutting-edge technology that has come with new, creative, and revolving ideas. SPP has made tremendous investments in terms of research in order to come up with this unique and the newest technology in the energy industry. Solar powerwall technology is also a game changer in the conservation of the environment. It lowers the human carbon footprint and creates a sustainable living environment. 

What is a solar powerwall?

SPP Solar Powerwall

SPP Solar powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery energy storage. It stores electric power for consumption, power backup, and use load shifting. It is installed with photovoltaic panels that absorb power energy from the sun. They then store it for later use. This power can be used later by homeowners for business whenever the need arises. 


A solar powerwall hangs on the wall through the super thin shape that makes it neat on the wall. There is no maintenance procedures that are required. If you experience a blackout, the solar powerwall will kick in and run all your electricity needs even if the blackout lasts for long. Whether you need a way of storing your excess energy from the photovoltaic panels or you need a second option in case the grid isn’t working, then the solar powerwall is what you need. 


The Solar powerwall settings

The solar powerwall has many settings that give you a chance to personalize the functionality to suit your specific needs. Some of the available settings include:


Self-powered: The solar powerwall can be set on self-powering mode. When set in self-powered mode, it stores any excess energy from the photovoltaic panels during the day and powers your homestead during the night. This option only works for power walls using solar.


Backup only: When the solar powerwall is set on backup only, you are able to set it so that it can save its power just in case there is a power outage. The solar powerwall will therefore provide power energy in your home once the power goes out. Once the grid power is back, it will let you know and stop providing power to your home. 


Time-based control: This setting will help you predict your energy rates. When the powerwall detects that your power rates are high, you can then use its energy to offset the high usage. This ultimately saves you money. 


Preconditioning: Usually, batteries will experience a hard time charging during the cold weather. During winter, you can be able to precondition your solar powerwall. In this mode, the solar powerwall heats and stores more energy. 


Benefits of using Solar powerwall

SPP Best Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in China for Solar Storage Batteries


Investing in a solar powerwall for your home helps in reducing the cost of electricity. They also ensure that you never run out of power. With the SPP powerwall, you will save a lot in terms of electricity bills and make your energy independent. It is becoming a preference for many. They come with so many benefits. Some of the benefits you can experience from the Solar powerwall include:


1. Nullifies cases of power outages


With many cases of net metering, you can get a chance to sell your excess electricity from the solar panels. That means that even at the time when the power supplying company isn’t producing electricity, they are actually saving you money. Using the solar powerwall guarantees you a continuous flow of power without any disruptions. It allows you to save your own power. This not only saves you from staying in the dark. It also gives you a chance to reduce your reliance on unreliable electric companies. 


2. Increase in the value of the property

A solar powerwall is installed together with a home photovoltaic panel system. It is designed in such a way that it makes it perfect for daily use in your home. It stores the sun energy both for immediate use and helps you get a break from the grid power. These are some of the factors that make it useful for residential applications. 


It increases the value of the property. The power backup from the batteries is very useful during blackouts. Every tenant would want such kind of an environment. If your area is the only one that has got this kind of investment, then it means the demand will rise. Most of these improvements become attractive and will make people more. This, therefore, gives more value to the property and therefore more revenue. 


3. Solar powerwall is environmentally friendly

 As we continue engaging on the effects of global warming, we all feel compelled to do our part in helping reduce the impact that we can make on the environment as human beings. If you are a true believer in protecting the environment, then this is a good step you can take to help reduce the carbon footprint further by renewing solar energy. 



Even though companies may consider metering, the use of fossil fuels still harms our environment. We can reduce the use of fossil fuels at individual levels by adapting this transformative technology. 



SPP Solar Powerwall

As the world struggles to adapt to green energy, here at SPP, we are working on more innovative ways that not only save our mother nature. We also engage in solutions that add value to the lives of our clients. As a result, our SPP powerwall is a brilliant idea from our innovative team that seeks to solve your power issues. 


Our products are available and we look forward to working with business partners to help you advance your business with the latest technology in solar power storage. Get in touch with us and we will be glad to engage you. 




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