Lithium Solar energy storage system: How to choose the best solar energy storage system.

SPP Lithium-Ion Solar Battery
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Which is the best Lithium solar energy storage battery?

SPP Solar Battery

It can be quite hard to determine the features and technical specifications of a Lithium solar energy storage system that you need. This is especially so when comparing solar battery storage prices from different solar battery manufacturers. Getting to know what matters most and for what reason is of utmost importance when selecting the best solar battery storage system.


With the growing adoption of Lithium-ion solar storage batteries, you may need to enlighten yourself with all basics. Below we discuss some of the intriguing questions on lithium-ion batteries for solar power storage. 


Understanding the Lithium-ion solar battery storage system


Lithium-ion solar batteries are modern energy storage solutions that can be recharged and connected to a solar energy system. The solar energy storage system can then store any excess power from the solar. Lithium-ion solar batteries were first announced by Tesla commonly referred to as powerwall 1. It is now possible to have a lithium-ion solar energy storage system that is cost-effective and safe. 

What is the cost of a lithium-ion solar storage battery?

One of the most common questions asked by many homeowners is how much a lithium-ion ion storage system may cost them. There is no specific price quote for a given rechargeable solar battery. Some of the factors that determine the cost of installing lithium-ion batteries for solar are:

  • Lithium-ion solar battery manufacturer
  • The features that the lithium-ion solar battery has
  • The number of solar energy lithium battery packs you need
  • The cost of installing a Lithium-ion solar energy storage system

In most cases, the cost of having a complete solar energy storage system with lithium-ion batteries is normally higher compared to that of Lead-acid batteries. However, the benefits accrued from the use of lithium-ion batteries in your solar storage system outweigh lead-acid batteries in the long run. The high cost brings quite a lot of added benefits. 


The advantages of the lithium ion batteries for solar

SPP Lithium-Ion Solar Battery


The reason why the entry of lithium ion battery for solar power storage shook the solar power storage industry was because of the advanced technology it brings compared to the usual lead-acid batteries for solar power storage. 

Some of the major advantages that make lithium-ion batteries for solar worth considering as compared to lead-acid batteries for solar include:

  • High DoD (depth of discharge)
  • Extended lifespan
  • High energy capacity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost

1) High DoD (depth of discharge)

The depth of discharge for a lithium-ion solar battery refers to the quantity of stored solar energy that has been used. This is in comparison to the total battery capacity expressed in percentage. In order to ensure that the battery remains healthy, most solar batteries and other batteries have a recommended DoD (depth of discharge).

Lithium-ion batteries for solar are deep cycle batteries. They come with DoD (depth of discharge) of approximately 95%. Most of the lead-acid batteries for solar come with a DoD of about 50%. With a 95% DoD, you can be able to use a lot of energy that is stored within the lithium-ion solar battery. You do not have to charge it every other time. 

2) Extended lifespan

Since lithium ion batteries for solar come with a high DoD of around 95%, you don’t have to charge and recharge them every so often. They, therefore, guarantee a long lifespan.

Most of the solar energy lithium battery packs come with a minimum warranty of around 5 years. This is equal to a life cycle of 10,000 cycles depending on which comes first. Most of the lead-acid batteries come with a guaranteed lifespan of less than 5 years on average. 

3) High Energy Capacity

The energy capacity of a lithium-ion solar power battery storage is how much power energy it can hold in relation to the physical size of the solar battery. The lithium-ion solar batteries without necessarily occupying too much space like the lead-acid solar batteries. This makes the lithium-ion solar batteries very ideal, especially for homes where space is limited.

4) Improved Efficiency

The lithium-ion solar battery has a considerably high round-trip efficiency rating compared to other types of solar batteries. The efficiency of the lithium-ion solar battery refers to the amount of energy you will use from the battery as compared to the amount of energy that was used to store it. 

Lithium-ion solar batteries tend to have an energy efficiency of between 90% to 95%. 


5) Low maintenance cost


One of the advantages of using a lithium-ion solar battery for solar power storage is having not to worry about routine maintenance. You will no longer have to incur extra costs to maintain your solar batteries once you install your solar system. This makes them highly preferable compared to their counterparts' lead-acid batteries for solar power storage.


How you should store Lithium Solar Batteries


You can store your Deep-cycle lithium-ion solar batteries indoors. This provides you with an easy way of providing shelter and insulation to your solar batteries. If the application of your lithium-ion solar battery is outside where there may be freezing temperatures, it’s good to remember that you are not supposed to charge it in temperatures below 0°C (32°F). 


One of the best things about the modern lithium solar batteries that are available in the market today is that they feature an onboard battery management system (BMS). This system is used to turn on an external source of heat during freezing times. 

Other advanced Lithium-ion solar batteries do come with an internal heating mechanism that is managed by the battery management service. This makes it easy to manage thermal regulation in an automated manner without having to provide external sources of heat.

Which is the best Lithium solar energy storage battery?

SPP Solar Battery

Choosing the best lithium solar battery manufacturer can be difficult, especially with the rise of companies across the world. To make sure you get value for your money as well as a genuine warranty for your solar power storage, we recommend using SPP lithium solar batteries. 

With SPP lithium solar batteries, you are guaranteed quality with a genuine warranty of 5 years. All the SPP solar power lithium batteries undergo various quality tests to ensure that it serves you for the longest time possible. 



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