Outdoor mobile portable energy storage power solutions

Outdoor mobile portable UPS
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Outdoor mobile portable UPS energy storage power supply solution. The outdoor portable UPS power supply system is mainly divided into two parts, the host and the energy storage battery. Since the traditional lead-acid battery and UPS backup solution is not good. The portable UPS energy storage power has become a new favorite of enterprises. Today I would like to introduce to you the portable UPS power solution.

Portable UPS energy storage power supply is a multi-functional portable AC and DC emergency mobile power supply device. It has safe lithium ion battery and inverter conversion technology, and has lightweight, high capacity, high power, and other functions in one "backup power station". To provide you with a convenient mobile UPS power supply solution.

Outdoor mobile lithium portable UPS energy storage power supply solution:

Lithium portable UPS energy storage power supplies are rapidly emerging as a potential new approach to power reliability challenges. It may soon replace lead-acid battery UPS power solutions, mainly because the cost is falling rapidly as the technology continues to improve. In addition, lithium-ion battery storage systems combined with portable UPS power supplies often integrate intelligent systems that make it easier to monitor variables such as voltage, charge status, current, temperature, and other key variables. In this respect, it is far superior to the traditional UPS system using lead acid batteries.

Outdoor office photography - Portable UPS power supply

People engaged in outdoor work or outdoor camping groups, the most afraid of the equipment is running out of power, which is the most worried about the most insecure first thing. At this point, we need a centralized power supply for these devices, and to support the use of various voltage devices. What kind of power supply has such multifunction? For outdoor needs, outdoor portable UPS power supply is the best choice for different digital charging.

For an outdoor photographer, with things in record good light, electricity shortage is most embarrassing, this bag of mobile power supply cannot solve the urgency, and portable energy storage power UPS has provided 220 v AC socket, only need to insert SLR camera charger on the UPS power supply can provide a steady stream of power to take photos for you.

Camping light is the most indispensable thing for camping outdoors during the long night. The portable UPS outdoor power supply is equipped with 3 1.5W LED lights for lighting and has SOS function at the same time.

Application range of portable UPS energy storage power supply:

The application scenarios of portable UPS energy storage power supply include telecom network installation and maintenance optimization; Army Informatization Company; Geographical Surveying and Mapping Team; Absentee from the oil exploration team; Architectural design survey; Water conservancy testing; Advertising media outdoor shooting; Forestry and agricultural wild resources investigation.

You can also use it as DC and AC power supply in mountainous areas, pastoral areas, field trips, travel and leisure, or in cars and boats. Can be used for lighting and other loads, compact structure, easy to carry, reliable use. Suitable for use in rescue, emergency power supply, standby power supply and other scenarios.

Outdoor portable UPS energy storage power supply features:

● Pull rod box design, lightweight carrying, convenient transportation, overload/overcurrent/overrelease/overcharge protection;

● Imported high strength engineering plastics, anti-fall, anti-earthquake, fireand , rain;

Large capacity lithium battery pack, small volume, light weight;

Super power pure sine wave output;

● AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output.

Use method of outdoor UPS energy storage power:

  1. Emergency light switch/brightness switch button: Lighting switch button can independently open the light. No need to press the power button to power up in advance;
  2. AC AC output: LED control panel AC lights up at this time. You can be directly plug it into the power supply;
  3. UPS button: Used to enable the technology of charging and discharging at the same time. Turn off the UPS function, and the AC will stop output;
  4. USB function: Mobile phones or other charging devices directly into the USB excuse, start charging.

Above is the introduction of outdoor portable UPS energy storage power supply solution. Outdoor portable UPS power supply is designed for wireless communication network system with high performance. The machine structure is simple, using rainproof, anti-theft, and dustproof design of the floor chassis structure, easy installation, operation and maintenance, superior performance.

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