Portable Power Bank

SP132 Portable Power Bank

Backup & Emergency Portable Power Bank with DC/AC output for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Indoor Useage:

Continuous power supply for your mobile phone, router, laptop, tablet and projecter, microwave or oven.

Keep your home security system, lighting or charging in sudden power outages.

Temporary emergency power supply in the event of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other disasters

The best backup power supply in areas with power shortages and frequent power outages

Outdoor Activities:

Your partner for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, suburban party, RV trips, or any travels where you need power on the go.

It can charge many devices such as mobile phones, camera, drones, flashlights and speakers, to crank up the music, power a drone, keep the light on, charge a phone and other devices.

With the solar panel, it helps you take the most advantage of sunlight, no matter where you are! Clean and sustainable portable solar power generator anywhere, anytime.

Main features:

1. Multiple capacity

2. Multifunction outputs

3. Safe & steady power supply

4. Speed up your rechargeability

5. Green power supply

Portable power station
General parametersBattery built-inLiFePO4 cells
Battery capacity1048Wh / 352800mAh /3.2V
Input rechargingDC25.6V/6A
Solar panel rechargingAnderson plug  24V~50V/6A
Fully recharged timeDC: about 8 hours
DC output2*DC: 12V/7A
Cigerate: 12V/7A
8*USB: 5V/1.5A
2*USB3.0: 5~9V/2A
2*Type-C: 5~9V/2A
AC output4* AC pure sine wave output
AC continous power output1000W
AC output voltage110V 60HZ / 230V 50HZ(for choose)
Operation temperature -10℃ - 40℃
Lifecycle>2000 times
Product protectiona. Short circuit protection
b. Overcurrent protection
c. Overvoltage protection
d. Undervoltage protection
e. Overload protection
f. Over temperature protection
Package include1 * portable solar generator
1 * power adapter
1 * AC line
1 * user manual
Adapter parametersOutput25.6V/6A
DC portGX16
Input chargingSupport power adapter chargingSupport
Support solar panel chargingSupport
Batterybattery brandTBA
Battery model specifications26650
Single cell capacity3600MAH
Cell configurations7 series 13 parallel
Cell voltage3.2V
Battery voltage22.4V
Battery charge and discharge life>2000 times
StructureProduct dimension CM394*213*287mm
net weightAbout 16KG
MaterialAluminum alloy +ABS plastic, fire rating 94-V0 for plastic material;
Product color matchingBlack+Orange
Product packagepackage methodcarton+EPE
carton size498*325*380mm
Gross WeightAbout 20KG


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