lithium golf cart battery

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 Battery model SPP-LFP24210
 Nominal voltage 25.6V
 Nominal capacity 210AH
 Charge voltage 29.2V
 Discharge cut-off voltage 20V
 Suggested charge current 0-100A
Suggested discharge current 0-200A
 Maximum current 350A-3S
 Life cycle at normal temperature 4500
 Communication mod RS485/CAN
 Charge temperature 0-45℃
 Discharge temperature 0-45℃
 Model of the interface M20
 Battery weight 47KG
 Battery size 456*372*200 mm (L*W*H)

Module list:

No. Items Q'ty Remark
1 Battery pack 1 16 seriesLFP battery pack, capacity 50Ah/100Ah/200Ah (optional)
2 Photovoltaic inverter 1 3.6kW
3 Photovoltaic module 16 250W 36V
4 AC load certain number of Ordinary household appliances
5 Photovoltaic module bracket certain number of
6 Distribution box 1
7 Power cable certain number of


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