Golf cart battery key features

48V 100AH SPP Lithium Golf Cart Battery
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SPP Golf Cart Battery Main Features:

1. High capacity and high energy density  

2, low self discharge, capacity storage  

3, the grid adopts lead calcium alloy, low water loss to achieve maintenance-free  

4, high conductivity terminal, conducive to battery discharge current  

5, valve control design, safe and reliable use  

6, grid design and lead paste formula, improve the battery charging capacity  

7, the use of colloidal electrolyte, to prevent the use of the process of electrolyte layering  

How to safety use of golf cart:

1. Avoid rapid acceleration of the golf cart

2. Avoid sudden stops of golf carts

3. Keep the speed of the golf cart stable

4. Avoid driving on slopes and steep slopes

5. Avoid overloading and prohibit speeding

6. Maintain normal tire pressure for electric golf cart tires


Firstly. Do not store without electricity. The state of power shortage means that the golf cart battery is not charged in time after use, which may easily lead to insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. The longer the battery is without power, the more easily the battery is damaged. It should be charged once a month to extend battery life.

Secondly. Regular inspection. During use, if the mileage of the electric golf cart suddenly drops by more than ten kilometers in a short period of time, it is likely that there is a short circuit in the battery pack, and inspection and maintenance should be carried out in time.

Again. Do not discharge with large current. Try to avoid the moment of high current discharge. Instantaneous high current discharge can easily destroy the physical properties of battery materials.

Then. Master the charging time. Generally speaking, it is recommended to charge at night, and the average charging time is about 8 hours. Continuing to charge will cause overcharge and reduce battery life. Therefore, it is best to charge the battery at a depth of discharge of 60%-70% to avoid harmful charging.

The last. To prevent high temperature exposure. The high temperature environment will increase the internal pressure of the golf cart battery and increase the water loss of the battery. Excessive water loss will inevitably lead to a decrease in battery activity, and fatal injuries such as heating of the charging case, bulging of the battery, and deformation.

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